What Is A Physiotherapy Clinic?

A physiotherapy clinic is a private medical practice that specializes in the treatment of physical or musculoskeletal conditions by physical therapy. Common treatments include manual therapy, such as manipulation and joint mobilization, exercise and training, heat-on-heat models of treatment, hydrotherapy treatments for water immersion and compression bandaging.


Physiotherapy is the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders, soft tissue injuries, and other problems of the musculoskeletal system by physical therapists. It aims to correct or improve mobility, function and quality of life for patients by exercise and rehabilitation. The physiotherapist reviews the patient’s medical history and conducts a physical examination to diagnose the patient’s condition.

Physiotherapy Clinic

An oakville physiotherapy clinic is a private practice of physiotherapists where they provide all the services of physical therapy.

CarePhysiotherapy Profession

The physiotherapy profession includes a large number of sub-disciplines, each with its own specialization. While some sub-disciplines such as chiropractic, medical and osteopathic medicine were in existence long before the development of modern physical therapy, others developed later through the blending of different disciplines and professions.

Physiotherapy clinic is one of the professional fields that enable you to work helping people live their lives free from pain and injury. In order to work as a physiotherapist, one must first obtain a degree and certification in this field. There are several different kinds of degrees and certifications available, which allow students to take different paths early on in their education.

The Physical Therapist needs a master’s degree that is at least two years long, with classroom study and actual clinical experience. Admission to a physical therapist program is highly competitive. A student must hold at least a bachelor’s degree, completed courses in human anatomy and physiology and complete critical thinking courses.

Benefits of Working in Physiotherapy Clinic

1) Physiotherapy is one of the most sought after career in the health care industry. This is due to the job satisfaction and high salary nature of this job.

2) Physiotherapy is a high paying job. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary at physical therapy clinics is $44,030.

Education Requirements

You need to have at least a High school diploma or equivalent and a license in order to work as a physiotherapist.

Areas of Physiotherapy Practice

Because there are so many varieties of physiotherapy practice, you should look for careers that match your interests and skills.

Job Growth

Physiotherapy is expected to grow faster than other occupations through 2018. Job growth will be driven by increasing demand for physical therapy from the aging population and from improving health conditions in the workplace.

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