Whale tattoos – original ideas and meaning

They weigh over 3500 kg, are majestic and can measure up to 25 meters in length. We are talking about whales . The term “whale” actually means a group of cetaceans made up of different animals: the fin whale, the humpback whale, the sperm whale, the orca, the beluga and many others. Although these animals are different from each other, both aesthetically and habits, they have one thing in common: the environment in which they live, the ocean, and their size, which varies from large to mammoth. The tattoos whales  can certainly not be called mainstream,  are tattoos that many choose only after fully learned the meaning and symbolism 타투.

What is the meaning of a whale tattoo?

It is impossible to talk about the meaning of whale tattoos without taking into consideration the environment they live in: the ocean. The tattoos with water generally have to do with introspection, self-knowledge, meditation and emotional depth. As for water, even human emotions can differ in superficial and deep and living in this symbolic sea of ​​emotion, the symbolism of the whale is also closely related to emotions. A whale tattoo can mean emotional creativity , well-being, and intellectual depth.

Furthermore, a whale tattoo can be particularly suitable for those who want to show of t


hemselves a very rare and precious characteristic: empathy, that is to say the ability to perceive, understand and identify with the emotions of others. This is because in addition to being an excellent swimmer, the whale is also a cetacean that communicates a lot with its peers and that has a particular care towards the young.

Several cultures also associate the whale with the creation and birth of life, such as Native Americans. Also being able to swim in very deep waters, a whale tattoo also symbolizes foresight , wisdom, mystery and the ability to get by even in dark or difficult situations.

Whales are discovered as symbols of our feelings and our subconscious existence, thanks to the fact that they are creatures of the natural element of water. Religious professionals and yogis relate the internal works of the human psyche with liquid itself, as a result, numerous of the creatures they call the “bodies of water of the Earth” are considered expressions of our emotions.

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