Things that you need to think about before buying a solar bollard light

Using solar bollard lights in your outdoor space is perfect. Not only are they simple and environmentally friendly. They can also lessen your monthly bills. The solar market has been embracing innovation and sometimes the customers do not have any idea on how to compare it to other models.

A different bollard solar light has its own level of quality from its light output, service life, and power capacity. It is better that you ask the right questions before buying as it will save you money. Rather than buying it which can cost you double.

The autonomy

People think when they buy solar lights the sunlight will charge the solar panel during the day. And once it hits dark you will use the stored energy for power. But to understand it better the longer you use the light without getting charged. The advantage of solar lights is that they have low-cost batteries. And they can use them for a couple of hours without direct sunlight.

The power storage

Well, autonomy is necessary but power storage is also important. The power storage will measure how effective it is when it converts the sunlight to a battery charge. You will know the solar light is effective once they need less time to charge the battery and it can still work within a few hours.

To understand it better, the power storage is not the same as the charging time. The low-capacity battery is easy to fully charge compared to the larger ones. But the high-capacity battery needs to have a higher level of power storage rate.

The temperature

There are places that have climates that are harder to have outdoor solar lights. When your place is experiencing extreme cold and hot climates. This can destroy the batteries of the solar panel. When you already know that your place is experiencing high or low temperatures. It is better that you buy solar lights that can withstand the climate. The battery is the first to fail when it is exposed to extreme temperatures.

The solar insolation

Solar insolation means that the amount of sunlight that the solar bollard gets in a day. It will affect the kind of weather your place has because the solar bollards will only get their energy from the sunlight. When the solar bollards have good power storage they can function for about 4 to 5 hours. The bollards need to have a lot of sunlight from around 10 am to 2 pm.

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