The 2013 Cruising Season in in FULL BLOOM

This has been a great cruising season to say the least. Between the 66 GT350 Clone and the 2003 Cobra Convertible it has been non stop. With the short season it is necessary to hit the road as often as possible. Baker’s on Milford has been a regular stop on Sunday. Always nice to see Chris Baker in the driveway to shake your hand and greet you to the action. Don’t forget the raffle tickets he passes out also. Great guy Chis Baker is. I like to support them during the non cruising times. Stop in during the week and if Chris is there it is a big “Hi” and a great big friendly handshake from the man himself. Thank you Chris for all you do for us, opening your business to the cruising community.

Took in the Multi Lakes cruise. I am ashamed to admit that it is ten miles from my house (just over ten minutes) and I just went for the first time this year. Great location. Lot of shade and friendly folks. Plus, the fish fry on Friday is a treat to behold.

The VFW post cruise on I-96 and Inkster Road in Redford Michigan is a standard in my book. Try to go when ever I have a chance. It is the place to see and be seen on Tuesdays. Hosted by the Continentals, the Do Wop Cruisers. Great grub and tunes. What more could you ask for.

I have started to carry a couple cases of Gibbs Brand with me on cruise nights. Always meeting up with customers and introducing folks to Gibbs Brand.

The 2013 season has not disappointed at all. Up coming is the Mustang Memories show at Ford World Headquarters, the SVTOA Homecoming and then the grand daddy of it all. The Woodward Dream Cruise. Can’t wait. Like a kid waiting for Santa……..

Another fantastic Sunday at Bakers

Another fantastic Sunday at Bakers

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