The 2013 cruise season is in the books.


What a great season this has been. Plenty of seat time in the 66 and plenty of top down seat time in the Cobra. I made it a point to go to as many cruises as I could. Did I hit everyone. NO, but I tried. Talked to a lot of great people, made some cool friends. Cars and talking cars seem to go together for some reason.

As a bonus to cruising, I always support the group buy purchasing 50/50 tickets and door prize tickets. Well let me say that my Christmas shopping is done. The groups put on the events and have to put out cash. They are doing it for their benefit and mine. My febble attempt at showing support.

Getting the cars ready to be tucked away for the winter. Yea, I know in Flordia and Cali this is not the issue. It is my reality and I deal with it every year. Hurry SPRING……


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