Ready for the New Year

With 2014 in the record books and the dawn of the New Year upon us it is time to reflect. The past year was good. Made some new friends and was able to keep up with old friends. Took in as many local cruises as possible. Tried some new cruise sites. Had a great time seeing some truly outstanding cars. With a supply of Gibbs in the trunk I was able to supply my local customers through out the summer.

Looking forward to the upcoming cruise season. Just have to power through the winter months. There are a couple little things that I want to do with the 66 Mustang for the next season. Nothing major, just some driving improvements. The first one to undertake is changing out the gas tank to raise the capacity from 16 gallons to 20 gallons.

Not a big deal in itself. Just an opportunity to increase the cruising range. The car is not an economy champ by any stretch. It just seems that every outing starts with topping off the the tank. One of those little things that make the drive more enjoyable.

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