Helped out a buddy bring home a new ride

Ready to roll packing a Paxton

A friend of mine, Kevin, called and asked if I could help him bring his new ride home. We had some snow and he didn’t want to chance bringing it home in questionable conditions. So off we go to pick up his 1987 Buick Grand National. What a car it is. 15K on the clock, never been in the winter slop. Every tag and chalk mark is on the underside of the car. Has the original factory tires on it. Probably has the factory air in them.

He had been looking for a number of months for the right car. When he found this one he couldn’t believe his luck. It is a rare find in it’s own right. The owner had put it up for sale and had sporatic interest. He would put it on a posting site and then take it off after no action. I don’t know how he didn’t sell it right off the bat.

My buddy Kevin is ready for the upcoming cruising season. I know I am. I am really looking forward to putting some miles on the cars this year. Did not get to do much in 2011. Watch out 2012 I am going to be hitting the road big time.

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