Firearm Cleaning Oil

Any gun enthusiast will tell you, the most important aspect of owning a firearm is safety. Part of keeping you and your gun safe is making sure it’s not only clean, but in prime working condition.

The key to keeping your gun in tip-top shape is regularly maintaining its components, and part of that is finding a high-quality gun lubricant. That lubricant is Gibbs cleaning oil. What makes Gibbs superior to other firearm cleaning oils is that it’s the only product you need for maintaining your gun and its parts.

By using this gun lubricant there is no need to purchase extra solvents, oils or cleaners. It can be applied to nearly any surface, be it wood or metal, without the color or finish changing. Trust me, it will be the only product you’ll need to keep your gun ready to be used at any time.

If you have questions or concerns about how to use Gibbs properly with your firearm, please read our FAQ or contact us. Safe and happy shooting, everyone!

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