Farm Equipment Penetrating Oil

Operating a farm takes a lot of work, and if a farmer’s equipment isn’t running as smoothly as it should, it can become a financial liability. That’s what Gibbs is for! Gibbs is a product that is used to lubricate, maintain and clean a variety of different machinery and works wonders for your farm equipment.

By using this equipment lubricant, you can keep the many engine components lubricated. Gibbs also works a protectant for your engines. While simultaneously keeping your parts lubricating, it also protects them from corrosion and degeneration, keeping your farm equipment performing like it did when you first purchased it.

Do you have horses on your farm? If you do, you can use Gibbs to treat, protect and clean your saddles, horse tack and riding boots. It won’t just clean your horse equipment, though; it will preserve it for years to come by keeping the leather protected from the elements.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today for more information about how Gibbs farm penetrating oil can help keep your equipment running smoothly!

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