GIBBS Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Who created Gibbs Brand?

A) Gibbs was developed by Paul Gibbs. At the time he was a Harley-Davidson mechanic with a chemical background and wanted to create something to stop rust from developing on motorcycles. He began selling his product through mail order and his main source of advertising was Popular Mechanics Magazine.

Q) Does Gibbs have a shelf life?

A) Yes, but Gibbs has a long shelf life. I have some cans of Gibbs that are very old. They were gifts from friends who spotted the old-style labels. They have a slight color variation from today’s formula, but work just as well.

Q) Is the site a corporate site for Gibbs Brand?

A) No, I am an online distributer.

Q) Is there anything Gibbs should not be used on?

A) I receive feedback from customers all the time. One of the alerts I received was from a fellow who was cleaning his antique shotgun. He felt that the application of Gibbs changed the appearance of the bluing on the gun barrel. He felt it made it a shade darker. He didn’t think it was objectionable but wanted to let me know that it could be a problem for someone else. This shotgun was very old and the metallurgy may have been an issue.

I would suggest that for a first time application a small area should be tested. Use an inconspicuous location for testing.

Q) Will Gibbs stain?

A) Yes, the dyes used in Gibbs will stain some surfaces. It will stain concrete and some painted surfaces. Care should be exercised when using Gibbs.

Q) Will Gibbs freeze?

A) Gibbs will not jell in cold weather. Many customers keep some Gibbs in their service vehicles year round.

Q) Is Gibbs flammable?

A) YES, Gibbs is flammable and should be used with caution. The MSDS sheet on the website presents all the information you need.

Q) What is the 2-ounce pump top?

A) It is a product that I offer with your purchase. It is a nice way to take Gibbs along in your tackle box, gun case, supply box, and if you feel the need, in your purse for spot application. It can be refilled from the 12 oz. can of Gibbs. It is the exact same product in each. A satisfied customer, a gunsmith by trade, includes a 2 oz. bottle with each gun sale.

Q) Will I have to pickle something coated with Gibbs before painting?

A) That is something you won’t need to do. You can paint right over Gibbs. Of course you will follow the painting prep suggested by the paint manufacturer. Wipe down the area coated with Gibbs to remove any excess. Follow the prep suggestions and your project is ready to go.

Q) How do I clean up Gibbs?

A) Should you need to remove excess Gibbs from a surface, it is easy enough. Use Dawn brand dish soap, the same product used to clean wild life affected by oil spill contamination. A customer alerted me to this tip. He was using Gibbs to bore holes in a clear acrylic block for a display. The Gibbs left a tint on the clear block. Washing it down with Dawn dish soap removed the tint and returned the block to it prior crystal clarity.

Q) If I need some Gibbs in a hurry can it be shipped via air freight?

A) NO, Gibbs is an ORM-D Consumer Commodity. Being in an aerosol can means it can only be shipped by surface transportation. It is also a flammable product. It is considered a Hazardous Material in the shipping community.

Q) How can I save on shipping costs?

A) The shipping cost of anything has gone through the roof. I have investigated all the different carriers out there. I have found UPS to be the easiest to work with and the most supportive of my product. The other carriers require that I have their special HazMat pick up come once a week to pick up my shipments. I cannot take an ORM-D product into a drop off shipping center.

I have had customers suggest that I not include the ORM-D on the container’s label and let it go. Sorry, but I don’t work that way. The regulations are in place for a reason. I follow the required regulations.

But, I offer free shipping on case orders.

Q) How do I apply Gibbs Brand?

A) Spray it directly onto the surface or area you are treating. Give the can a shake and apply as needed. Remember, a little goes a long way. No need to drown the area in Gibbs.

The nozzle on the can responds to how hard it is pushed. Full depression of the nozzle will let the Gibbs blast out of the can up to six feet. This is especially handy for getting a hard to reach spot. But, slight depression will cause the product to drip out of the nozzle. Pull the insert out of the nozzle and the goodness of Gibbs will foam out for complete coverage.

Q) Do I have to spray Gibbs?

A) No, you can apply some to a small rag or cotton applicator and daub it on the area being treated. There is no need to flood the area with product. I like to keep my application rag in a re-sealable plastic bag to keep it moist and ready to use.

Q) What happens if I get Gibbs in my eye?

A) Wash out your eye with water and promptly seek medical attention.

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