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The number of uses for Gibbs Brand is always growing. I get notes from customers telling me of new and interesting uses they have found. Metal protection is always one that is popular. One of the newest ones was a long time customer having to replace a panel on their garage door. The installer finished and they noticed a big color shift between the new panel and the original panels. His suggestion was to use that other stuff once a month to get them to match. The Gibbs light bulb went off and out came the can of Gibbs. They wiped down the new and old panels and everything blended together. Looked like a whole new door.

I have received some calls from motorcycle builders wanting to run bare steel exhaust pipes. The concern is will applying Gibbs Brand stand up to the task. The problem as I see it is the heat from the exhaust will cook out the Gibbs from the pipes. There will be some smoking and the benefit of applying Gibbs will be lost as it is cooked out. I had a set of old style exhaust doughnuts for a car that I had. Seeing the high metal content in the gasket I figured that soaking them in Gibbs would be a good thing. When the time came to change out the worn gasket everything was good. Then the motor was started and the smoke screen started to develop as the engine got to operating temperature. I looked in and saw the Gibbs was boiling out of the material and smoking off. So much for that great idea.

As we get into the New Year and all the unknown events facing us. At least we can go forward knowing that Gibbs is there for us. This should prove to be an interesting year to say the least. There will be a change at the top of the command chain in D.C.. Getting there should prove to be a treat, as it always is.

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