Autorama will be upon us soon

Autorama is Christmas morning, being locked in a candy store and having all your senses attacked at once. This is the big dance for the car guy/gal world. Riddler Award contenders and the rat rods in the lower level. There is something for every one. Let us not forget the custom two wheel, tricked out and chromed out bicycles. Of course there are the scoots of all types. Real works of art on wheels.

Opened up the bonnet on the 66 Paxton. My jaw hit the fender when I got a look at the carb that was in there. A 650 CFM Barry Grant Mighthy Demon. WOW, pretty and shiney. Double pumper with dual inlets. The big problem for me was the lack of a choke or provisions for a choke. The prior owner felt the need to put the big gun under the bonnet. It has been a bear to start. I felt that there wasn’t a choke or it was stuck open. Got a fresh carb built by the local carb magic man (Mike R). Can’t wait to try it out.

I’ll be running into some of my Gibbs customers while at the Detroit 2012 Autorama. Always good to see the folks.

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