About GIBBS Brand Oil

In 1969, Paul Gibbs — a Harley-Davidson mechanic with a background in chemistry — invented Gibbs Brand. Gibbs has been so effective that no customer has ever expressed dissatisfaction with the product … and not one can has ever been returned.

Gibbs oil was the first penetrant to ever be patented and single-handedly established a new category of product in the Library of Congress. It’s the only penetrating oil that can be painted over after being applied to metal, and once Gibbs oil dries, it won’t leave stains or marks on your hands. Not only will Gibbs oil last over time, but it also acts as a dust repellent.

The Gibbs product contains no abrasives, acids, arsenic, carcinogens, corrosives, graphite, kerosene bases, masking perfumes, pigments, silicones, Teflon or waxes.

Note: We offer FREE Shipping & Handling on all orders of 12 cans or more! We currently only ship Gibbs oil within the 48 continental United States.

About Jerry Ostalecki and GetGibbs.com

As a Maintenance Electrician at Ford Motor Company, I have used many types and brands of lubricants and oils in my day and thought I was familiar with every product on the market. That was until 2000 when I used Gibbs oil for the first time. And now, I can tell you as a GIBBS user first-and-foremost, that there’s nothing on the market that even compares to it.

The only problem I had was that it was incredibly hard to find. My friend who first showed me the product got it at a gun show, and didn’t know where else to find it. But once I did, I became a Gibbs Brand distributor and created GetGibbs.com to not only make it easier to buy, but to also make information about it more readily available. Now I supply machine shops, trucking companies, universities, government agencies, auto enthusiasts and home owners with a product I swear by.

For more information about Gibbs Brand oil, please read some of my customers’ testimonials, and check out the different uses for Gibbs. And if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, contact me today.

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