The Expo has moved on to my daughters garage. It has been replaced by a 2008 Lincoln Navigator L. The L stands for LONG. This baby has some extra storage space in the back and a longer wheel base. Rides like a dream. The 4X4 AUTO option is very nice. Getting a little snow on the road. No problem-o. Just push the button and driving is sure footed.

Going from a ’99 to an ’08 was quite a treat. The changes are big. Ride, options, seating an the list goes on and on.

Received a call from the new owner of Big Red. Wanted to talk about fuel to feed the 428 CJ. He said that the car was better than he expected and was very happy with Big Red. He commented on the whole package. It felt good to hear that. His being happy made me happy. I still miss it but it was time to move on.

Talked to some folks on the Falcon’s. Looks like they may be leaving the barn soon.

Gibbs has been selling very briskly. I got a call from a California supply company that services the off shore drilling rigs. They had a request to provide some Gibbs to a rig. I asked him how he heard about Gibbs. Seems a rig worker from the Gulf transferred to the Pacific rigs and brought his can of Gibbs with him. When he found out that they didn’t have Gibbs he wanted some right now. Funny how things work out. I have been supplying the Gulf for a year now. The word travels.

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