2011 is in the record books. How well did 2011 treat you?

SAAC-MCR Woodward kick off cruise.
The 66 is ready to roll in 2012.

Another year is behind us. Hopefully, 2012 will be better for all of us. Looks like we will be blasted with political stuff till November. I hope the ship gets righted before we go under. I for one an getting worn out on being Politically Correct. Can’t wish someone a Merry Christmas for fear of hurting their feelings. Give me a break. Kids are shooting up schools, teachers are being attacked in the class room but we can’t pray. I better stop now before I get wound up.

Gibbs was good in 2011. Sales are up and many of the prior cutomers are coming back. Many new and then becoming repeat customers during the year. Best call I got was from a fellow on the east coast that wanted to let me know that his son was winning in his shooting competition. Seems his gun is firing quicker and ejecting shells faster and not jamming during the competition. Some one walked off with his can of Gibbs at a meet. Wonder if that is a new customer that I got.

Looking forward to the next cruise season. Got the 66 GT350 clone and the GT500 in the barn ready to roll. Plan to take in as many cruises as I can this year. Hardly hit any in the past year. Going to make up for that. Have to stop by the dealer and get the latest on the 2013 Boss 302 order book. Have to find out when the order book will be opened. Got my name on the list. Want to make sure I am still in the number one spot. Saw a picture of the 2013 Boss in a blue color that looked very nice. I was thinking school bus yellow. May need to rethink my color choice.

I had a good time in 2011. The Boss Reunion was a great time. I got to judge all those beautiful Boss cars with Ed Meyer and Dave Riley. I was the scribe. I just was writing down what they told me. A tremendous learning experience for me. Got invited to the banquet afterward. Sat with Ed Meyer, Jim Wicks, Kevin Marti and some other shooters in the Mustang hobby. Talked to Steve Ling from Ford. The director of Marketing for Ford. What a day that was. The next day was Mustang Memories at WHQ. The show broke all the records. Fantastic turn out and I had a great time. Got to park in the Charter Member area. I guess when you start a club in 1975 you get a good parking spot.

Also went to the National Muscle Car and Corvette show in Illinois. Just went and hung out with the guys. Met and spent some time with Mopar Tony. What a character. Steven Julinio was there with his Chrysler show car. Got to meet and spent some time with Colin Comer. Bob Gaines of Boss 429 / Shelby fame was in attendance. Ed Meyer was showing a great looking convertible. Also old buddy and fellow Ford Retiree Jim Engle was there with his fantastic 65 289 HiPo.

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